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Apart-Hotels – The Best Way To See A City

Posted by on May 29, 2016 in Plan Trips On A Low Budget | 0 comments

An apartment hotel is also known as apart- hotel or apartel. This is an extended stay hotel or residential hotel. Most of the apart- the hotels are a city centre serviced apartment complex that uses the booking style system just like the hotels. It is as same as renting an apartment but there is no fixed occupants or contracts, and they can check out whenever they wish. An apartment hotel complex generally offers an entirely complete and fully fitted apartment. These apartment hotels are mostly custom built as well as those are same as the hotel complex containing a different number of apartments. The number of days stayed in these apart- hotels vary from few days to months and sometimes even years. 

Why apart- hotels are the best way to see a city? 

Wherever you travel in USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, etc. there are various types of accommodations are available such as hotels, apartments, lodges, etc. But one of the best ways to explore the place is staying in an apart- hotel or apartel in short. These apart- hotels are the perfect option for living because they have something for everyone. Hotels are a great and fantastic place to stay, but they do not always provide CPU with all your needs. Apart- hotels give you a lot more. They offer more space than hotels so; you can book the whole apartment or just one room. You get separate kitchen and living space which means you can actually live life there. Staying in the apart- hotels give yup much more than just staying. It provides you with a fitted kitchen to prepare meals, a sofa to sit, a bed to relax and also a dining table to enjoy your meals. All of these luxuries are just available in high-end hotels If you book an apart-hotel the way, you book a hotel in fact booking an apart- the hotel is much easier. Most of the apart- hotels are in one block, so you get a building that looks similar to a hotel. But, unlike hotels, these buildings have few apartments with everyone getting the space they require to live life while they are away from their home. Regarding cost, apart- hotels will provide you a lot of advantages just in few dollars and for this reason; you will be able to save some money which can be used for the purpose of exploring the city. The process of staying in an apart- hotel is much easier whereas in hotels there can be various drawbacks like the expensive room, foods, services, etc. which you do not need to face if you are living in an apart- hotel. 
Residing in an apart- hotel will make your journey a lot easier. So choose an apart-hotel available in the country you are visiting and make your journey a memorable one.


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How To Plan Trips On A Low Budget

Posted by on May 2, 2016 in Plan Trips On A Low Budget | 0 comments

The economy can or cannot be wobbly, but travel dreams are strong and for good reasons.   What matters is how well one can manage the travel budget, and how to use the skills for creating a better trip. Traveling is now considered as a luxury. However, mandatorily, traveling doesn’t mean spending money on expensive hotel accommodations or airfare. There are budget-friendly options that would allow you to reach the dream destination. Playing the cards right as well as spending less lowers the barrier. To help keep the dream trips affordable, here are ways to stretch the travel within budget:

Plan Well Ahead

Planning ahead is a must, if you are on a limited budget. Planning ahead helps you come across the occasional ongoing discounts and help to save on accommodation expenses. Leaving things until the last minute indicates that you have to pay a heavy amount for the hotels or the guest houses. The other alternative is to be patient and wait for the last minute deal which might help get a good bargain. In case there isn’t any last minute cancellation, you’d be left with hardly any option.

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Enjoy Perks Of An Off-season Vacation

One of the best perks of an off season holiday is that there are higher chances of getting great deals and heavy discounts. Furthermore, there will be fewer tourists around and thus you’ll be able to travel peacefully.

Rent A Vehicle Wisely

Needless to mention, it is not at all a wise decision to go for luxury vehicles or a luxury car, if there’s a necessity for booking a car. And, plan in advance to have sufficient time for hunting the best deal.

Booking Flights

Incase booking a flight becomes mandatory, try and be flexible with timings. It might be easier to find cheaper flight tickets with odd arrival and departure timing. Furthermore, stop-over flights are undoubtedly inconvenient, but to save money, the inconvenience could be borne for one amazing budget trip. Sites such as lastminute.com help to find some last minute packages and if you’re lucky, you might land an awesome bargain. There are sites that help to gauge if you should be booking right them or be waiting till fares drop. Chances are high that you would be getting get good bargains during an off-season.

Choosing A Destination

The destination needs to be chosen as per the budget. A destination near home helps to save a lot as you can travel by car. Furthermore, instead of checking in a hotel, staying in a camp is the next best option.

Avoid Eating Out
Instead bring in noodles or soup packets. This way, you will be able to travel longer within the estimated budget. Since you’re there for an adventure, and not for shopping, there is no need of buying a souvenir, either. Take pictures instead, let snaps be the souvenirs.


The main idea of a vacation is to go somewhere, take rest for a few days. Stay-at-home-vacation is a vacationing at your own place. Hire someone who will do the chores for you while you’ll enjoy the comfort of your own home unlike other days. This would be a one of a kind experience.

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